Our School Counselor

Our School Counselor

Kelli Bainbridge – Principal

Lisa de la Peña – Assistant Principal

              Kelly Southerlin – Professional Learning Specialist

Dear Pioneer Elementary Families:   August, 2019

My name is Sadhana Schneider and I am the new School Counselor at Pioneer Elementary. I am so excited and honored to be apart of this community! I am committed to encouraging, supporting, and empowering our students to become their best selves. My primary task is to help ALL students to become better learners by providing a comprehensive counseling program that meets their academic, personal/social, and development needs.

I will be meeting with students individually, in small groups, conducting classroom lessons, as well as collaborating and working as a team with parents and staff to benefit and meet the needs of our students.

Support provided can be therapeutic, but the role of a school counselor is not to diagnose or provide therapy. I am able to provide temporary, solution focused, support to help students overcome issues that have an impact on their school experience and performance. I am a resource similar to the school nurse in that she can provide help, but refers out for more serious problems. Licensed mental health counselors are the appropriate resource to provide ongoing therapy sometimes needed by families and children. I am happy to provide these referrals to you, if you ever need them.

Please note that in my work as a school counselor, confidentiality is respected, unless students plan on hurting themselves, hurting someone else, or someone is hurting them. If you would like to request that I meet with your child for a specific concern, please do not hesitate to reach out. My email address is: sschneider@dcsdk12.org and my office number is: 303-387-8440.

I am thrilled to be here and I look forward to a great school year and getting to know all of the wonderful students and families at Pioneer Elementary!


Sadhana Schneider, M.A.

School Counselor

Pioneer Elementary