Daily Schedule/Curriculum

Fifth Grade

2020-2021 Schedule

9:05 First bell

9:10 Final bell

9:15 to 10:00 Literacy

10:00 to 10:40 Math 

10:40 to 10:55 Snack (outside)

10:55 to 11:40 Specials

11:40 to 12:30 Science and Social Studies

12:30 to 1:10 Lunch/Recess

1:15 to 2:15 Literacy

2:15 to 3:10 Math

3:10 to 3:25  Recess

3:30 to 3:50 Read Aloud

3:50 to 4:00 Clean Up

4:00 Dismissal bell

Fifth Grade Curriculum


Fifth graders will work in guided groups reading short fiction and nonfiction text while focusing on reading elements such as cause/effect, problem/solution, vocabulary, similes and metaphors, inferencing, author’s purpose, key details, sequencing and summarizing.  Students will also participate in novel studies focusing on communicating and collaborating with peers. 


Fifth graders will continue to be instructed in writing using Thinking Maps and the Write From the Beginning curriculum.  We will be writing poems, personal narratives, informational, expository, and persuasive writing pieces in fifth grade. We will also be doing written responses to our literature pieces this year.  Students will also work on daily grammar lessons.



Pioneer uses Envision for our math program. Students will be instructed during their in-person days and Fridays during live lessons. They will be completing assignments independently on their remote learning days. Assignments may be worksheets or online assignments through Pearson. Students may have differentiated assignments based on their needs or cohort.

Student mastery of math facts is very important in fifth grade.  We are teaching many concepts with multiple steps and students need basic fact mastery.  Students should be able to recall a fact accurately within three seconds. This will be a part of their remote learning expectations.


Our focus in Science this year is earth, physical and life science.  

Earth Science:  Students will be learning about the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere and how they interact as a system. We also investigate how weather conditions change because of the uneven heating of Earth’s surface by the sun’s energy. They will also study the stars and Earth’s orbit. 

Physical Science: Students will be learning about matter, chemical reactions, the gravitational force of the Earth, and energy from the sun.

Life Science: Students will learn how plants acquire their material for growth from air and water and how matter cycles between air and soil and among plants, animals, and microbes as these organisms live and die.


Social Studies

We will study history, geography, civics, and economics in the fifth grade. Our main topics are early exploration, colonization, the American Revolution, and states and regions.  

  • We will analyze historical sources from multiple points of view to understand history.
  • We will use geographic tools and sources to answer questions about the geography of the United States.
  • We will talk about the causes and consequences of movement within the world and the United States.
  • We will learn about the foundations of citizenship in the United States.
  • We will learn about the origins, structure, and function of the US government.
  • Students will be taught about financial institutions, checking and savings accounts, credit, loans, and investments.